Marketplace ministry sparks revival through unity projects and street ministry events that pursue the presence of God and allow for encounters with Him.
— Jess Olivito, Founder & Apostolic Director


1/14/18 (Chicago) - Founder Olivito prays in unity with over 1,500 believers at Pray Chicago's event "Chicagoland United in Prayer" at The Moody Church on MLK Day.

We unite the body of Christ for outreach projects that improve the spiritual conditions of our community. The Sozo Group is a grass-roots, marketplace ministry that partners with Christian churches, community organizations and local businesses to unite the Kingdom of God. We desire to reach people with a clear gospel presentation, introducing the Biblical concept of sozo, which encompasses the protection of our minds, the healing of our bodies and the deliverance of our souls through Jesus Christ.


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The ministry was formed in 2013 by Jess Olivito, uniting a few churches for corporate worship and prayer. However, by 2016, outreaches were happening at Dellwood Park (Lockport, IL) - and uniting more than a dozen area churches beyond denominational lines.

In 2017, the Sozo Group was officially adopted by The New Horizons Foundation (Colorado Springs) as an Operating Project under their 501(c)3 covering. But by 2018, a stronger leadership team has been established, providing more structure around the ministry. In October 2018, the Sozo Group formally incorporated as an independent nonprofit organization - filing its 501(c)3 paperwork and registering an assumed corporate name of Peace by Piece Ministries.

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The Sozo Group publicizes and supports Christian programming and events that are offered in unity, outside the perimeters of a typical church service – most often accomplished through recreation, the arts, or business partnerships.

One of our most popular outreach programs is Peace by Piece (PBP) Ministries, aiming to create an awareness of God’s presence, involvement and concern in every piece of a woman’s life. Through the arts, we’re teaching women how to trust God with every little piece of their lives…so that they’re able to lead more peace-filled lives. Our latest vision includes opening a Christian Coffee House, Perk Up in Lockport.