Dee Everson

Dee Everson

Peace by Piece
Mosaic Bible Study

Discover God’s intentional and beautiful design for your life! You’ll learn the basics behind the art of mosaics as you create your own keepsake mosaic charger plate for this 8-week class. You’ll see how God uses all the broken pieces of your life to create His masterpiece – you! There’s 4-5 short lessons each week that will aid you in journaling.

Through the journaling exercises, you’ll find yourself falling into deeper relationship with God; you will experience a greater sense of purpose, have more confidence in daily situations and will enjoy more peace in your life.

As you study the Bible and draw nearer to God, you’ll be encouraged to journal at least a few times a week about your life experiences. Then, you’ll privately review/analyze your entries utilizing the Color Key. Your plate will grow increasingly colorful (and beautiful) each week as you complete this workbook and creatively fellowship with other women in your class.

You’ll witness your faith strengthening and your trust in God deepening. You’ll start seeing how the “pieces” of your life actually fit together quite nicely and intentionally! This study will teach you how to maintain a sense of peace in your life.

And that pretty mosaic plate you artistically created? It’ll serve as a beautiful reminder of your journey in this season.


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How It Works

During Class

Each week you’ll be given about an hour to place colored pieces of glass into the charger plate you’ll design. It’ll be exciting to watch your mosaic come together each week! We spend the first half of class recapping the week’s theme – completing a short, fill-in-the-blank review page together. From there, fun and fellowship continue as you work on your mosaic plate. During class, you’ll choose your glass pieces for the week, trim them to fit, and then will affix them to the plate. As we artistically create, participants can share what they’re learning as they feel led/comfortable.

Using the Workbook

The study’s workbook contains 4-5 lessons each week that correspond to a particular theme, allowing 1-2 days “off” between lessons. On your own, you’ll read short lessons each day and will learn a new Bible verse each week. After reading the daily lesson, you’ll spend time with God journaling, finding that He will speak to you about what you’ve learned. Sprinkled throughout the study are “dig in” stories or scriptures that are designed to help you dig deeper into the Bible if your schedule allows it.

Why We Journal

Journaling is a transformational activity that helps us spiritually grow. As easy as that sounds, making time to read the lessons and journal does require commitment. Journaling is a “sure-fire” way to see how God is working in your life. It documents both significant events (and minor trials), the state of your relationships (involving the people in your life), and also gives you a better perspective in order to “appreciate the journey” along the way!

Many women come into this study “disliking” journaling because: 1) they think their journal entries should be overly profound; 2) they start criticizing their own content or disregard their writings as insignificant; or 3) they think journaling has to be super time-consuming.

This study attempts to overcome these obstacles. Instead, the workbook asks questions that will “spark” your writing as you spend time with God. You may find that your entries are very brief on some days (simply capturing the highlights and/or lowlights of the day) or that on another day, the entry may be lengthier, depending on how you are feeling and what your circumstances are. You’ll start to realize that even the simplest notes have meaning, significance and color!

You’ll also notice that journaling leads to an increase in prayers! It allows you to privately pour out our feelings and emotions to God – which is the healthiest and safest “release” you can get! Journaling also documents the answered prayers! Often, we’re a bit forgetful when it comes to God’s faithfulness and tend to focus on our problems instead. But, by taking the time to consistently journal, you’ll gain valuable perspective and timely guidance from God that will help you make important decisions. The proof will be in these journal entries you didn’t want to write!

At the end of each day, you’ll identify which colors of glass to put into your plate based on your personal experiences, feelings and revelations from God. There’s a Color Key that will help you identify words in your journaling that match specific colors. The Color Key is simply a guide for you, not a legality.