Blown Away

I am simply blown away by all the things God is doing to spark revival throughout Chicagoland.  It's obvious to me (by all the doors He is opening) that worship is very important to Him.  God knows that encounters with Him lead to breakthroughs, deliverances and healings.

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to worship with some friends at The Chicago HUB Conference (HUB stands for "His United Body") where I experienced an even greater Presence of the Holy Spirit.

This conference gave me for the inspiration and theme for our next Women's Worship Night:  "NEVER BE THE SAME" being held at Christian Hills Church on March 22nd.


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I am a little overwhelmed by how fast the ministry plans for The Sozo Group are falling into place.  Do you know what the coolest part about drafting a business plan for a ministry is?  

Writing it under the direction of the Holy Spirit and then watching God line up all the right musical talent, speakers, and venues to MAKE IT HAPPEN.  All we have to do is be obedient in what He is showing us to do.  That's it! Very exciting stuff!  Lives around Chicagoland are going to be permanently changed because of this "encounter-based" ministry.

The Lord has supernaturally advanced this ministry by leading me to some incredibly talented volunteers and partners.  He first led me to Scott J. Fleming, an illustrator and graphic designer who is designing a new logo for the ministry.  

God also secured me a spot in the right marketing program (thank you Michelle Smith of Z&B Consulting, Inc.) so that we can properly brand and publicize upcoming worship events.  

He also connected me with five new worship leaders/recording artists this month, that are ALL interested in partnering with The Sozo Group this year (we are in the process of booking them for upcoming worship nights... stay tuned!) 

Lastly, my Abba Father made sure I was divinely connnected with someone I just cannot wait to introduce to you... our first volunteer staff person!  Ms. Christine Kohler.

Ms. Christine Kohler Executive Director, The Sozo Group

Ms. Christine Kohler
Executive Director, The Sozo Group

Christine's professional experience and personal testimony BLEW ME AWAY and I just cannot wait to formally introduce her as The Sozo Group's new Executive Director!

She will be working very closely with me this year to coordinate worship tours throughout Chicagoland! Praise God for this wonderful GIFT!

So now there will be TWO heads "swimming" as we examine all the possibliities, as well as review the ministry's business action plan, our contact and "to-do" lists and then our own personal schedules.  But with God, ALL things are possible... and we both plan to lean on Him COMPLETELY to continue bringing The Presence to the people of Chicago. Amen!





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