"now you are the body of christ,
and each one of you is part of it."

1 Corinthians 12:27



Mike is the Senior Missional Pastor of Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries, Inc. He's passionate about cross-cultural evangelism - identifying, training, and releasing individuals into their specific spiritual gifts and callings - for the benefit of the local church. His ministry also provides ministerial training to those called into the marketplace. Mike's also an expert in martial arts and self-defense tactics. He has worked in government security, law enforcement, and as a professional bodyguard. Mike is a bi-vocational Pastor, Executive Director of our Training Programs and is the Spiritual Advisor of our ministry. He lives in Westmont with his wife, Alita.


Jess Olivito

Jess is the Founder and Apostolic Director for the ministry. "The Lord’s providing incredible opportunities to reach others. By fostering creativity, we're able to meet (and minister) to many people. By loving those that we encounter, we're then able to share the truth about God's redemptive love." In unity, Jess works with community leaders and local ministries to improve the spiritual condition of our community.  She's also the proud wife of “pizza guru” Geno and daughter Morgan, a senior at Lockport H.S. Most recently, Jess' focus has been growth of Peace by Piece Ministries, increasing outreach opportunities to women through the arts.


Jenny Spontak

Jenny is a Women's Ministry Leader, Bible Teacher, & Retreat Speaker. Jenny's passion is seeing other women reconciled to Christ. She demonstrates how the Holy Spirit puts the broken pieces of our hearts back together to restore peace in our lives. Jenny is very active in her local community spending time serving others at the local food pantry, By The Hand Club (after-school youth program in Austin neighborhood) and the Homer Glen Junior Women's Club. She also teaches a large-format women's Bible Study in Lemont where she attends church with her husband Steve. Most recently, Jenny co-founded Peace by Piece Ministries.



Lisa's been serving others for as long as she can remember. Possessing both teaching and pastoral gifts, Lisa relies on the Holy Spirit & God's Word to minister to many women needing encouragement. Lisa's nurturing personality is incredibly comforting - especially with the moms she interacts with through her sons' school, band concerts, or Boy Scout meetings. For years, Lisa was also involved with a church coffee ministry. She's a recent cancer survivor - (healed by God's grace and mercy) and attends church in Lemont with husband Frank. She has four wonderful children: Ryan, Shannon, Michael & Liam and a beloved lap dog, Teddy. 



Dee is a Christian Artist, Retreat Speaker & Author who utilizes the arts to advance the Kingdom of God. Dee experiments with a variety of textures, colors and sizes in her work. As a passionate evangelist (and coffee enthusiast), she's probably best known for her creation of the "Peace by Piece" Mosaic Bible Study. Her passion for art, wellness (and good cup of coffee) opens up many doors for meaningful conversations about God. Dee attends the Chicago First Church of the Nazarene in Lemont with husband Dave and has three adult children: Corrie, Allie & Zach. She is also the Founder of Peace by Piece Ministries and the mosaic Bible study.



Amy is Prophetic Historian & Intercessor, co-laboring with God to restore hope and prosperity to the land. Amy's nonprofit organization, Treasure Tours, sets historical events into one or more accurate perspectives: political, cultural and spiritual. Amy also founded CAPS (Connecting All Parents with School) while in Southern Illinois, providing support to parents community-wide through Parent Leadership Programs. Amy uses her gifts to ensure that prayer and God's Word remain at the foundation of this ministry. She's a dedicated prayer warrior, and recently, she’s tackled the mission to plant church house churches in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood.


Felicity Joy

Green. Blue. Purple. These colors embody the peace, clarity and wisdom that Dr. Felicity Joy Integra Solomon (Dr. Joy) emulates to all those she encounters. Felicity’s profession encompasses private coaching, family mediation and now, a talk show airing on Roku beginning winter of 2018. Dr. Joy is a powerful influencer for the Lord, cultivating communities through her facebook group called America’s Reconciliation, bringing hope and healing to the racial climate. Her Christian faith informs everything she does. Her current passion is to inspire cross-pollination in the body of Christ, marrying Eastern and Western understandings of the Bible.


Cecilia Disomma

Rev. CeCe is a die-hard evangelist for the City of Lockport. She's a catalyst for spiritual change in our community and her passion is felt by all. This mighty prayer warrior defends the Gospel and reaches out to all those in need. You'll find her to be in attendance at most local events (Car Shows, Canal Days, Fundraisers, Governmental Meetings) - always sharing the love of Jesus with all that she encounters. She strongly advocates for politicians that uphold God's Word and educates others about the importance of supporting the nation of Israel. She is a Councilmen for Lockport Township and also attends Parkview Church in Homer Glen.

Pastor Phil Sheets builds many bridges in the community by supporting marketplace ministry.

Pastor Phil Sheets builds many bridges in the community by supporting marketplace ministry.


Pastor Phil is native to Will County leading ministry at the First Lockport United Methodist Church located in historic and charming downtown Lockport. Phil actively seeks opportunities to be "the Church" within the local community - opening up the church's education building to our ministry’s increasing programming needs.  Phil’s big dream includes opening up a coffee house that will build bridges among the body of Christ…and he’s successfully rallying local support! Pastor Phil’s open mind led to the building being utilized as an artistic oasis - which birthed the Sozo Creativity Center - offering hope and healing through the arts.


Rev. Mike Abron, Sr. Missional Pastor
Rev. Jess Olivito, Board President
Rev. Jenny Spontak, Board Secretary
Rev. Lisa Ring, Board Treasurer
Rev. Dee Everson, Executive Director
Dr. Felicity Joy, Board Member