Dr. Felicity Joy is a professional Speaker, Certified Life Coach, and VIA Institute Ambassador residing in SW Chicago.  But that’s not all.  She’s also a trained actor, image consultant, civil rights activist, network-marketing guru, and a mom homeschooling two teenagers. 

Clients affectionately call her “Super Coach” because she’s able to leap tall fears in a single bound and rescue joy back from the depths of mommy boredom and self-esteem oblivion.

Felicity owns and operates Savvy Services, a treasury of life experiences, skills, and products that serve health, wealth, and wisdom conscious clients from many diverse industries and backgrounds. “I help clients realize the seeds that they’re sowing within themselves.  I also teach them sustainable methods for harvesting.”

As a Life Coach and VIA (vee-uh) Strengths Ambassador, Felicity puts the fun in fundamentals. How? By helping clients focus on their strengths and not their weaknesses. By doing this, she witnesses clients transforming with greater joy and freedom. Felicity specializes in helping stuck and frustrated dreamers achieve their goals. Coaching areas include love and relationships, inner growth and spiritual development, as well as ongoing support for network marketers.

Dr. Joy utilizes coaching methods first developed by the VIA Institute on Character, a non-profit organization with a mission to “fill the world with greater virtue, more wisdom, more courage, more humanity, more justice, more temperance, and more transcendence.” Her coaching begins with a survey that identifies and measures 24 character strengths.

Felicity offers several character-strength coaching programs including Speak Your Mind Coaching, Garden of Eden Coaching, and Faith & Failure Club, all aimed to help people reach their identified goals, enhance personal performance, and increase personal satisfaction.  Coaching programs may address specific personal projects, life balance, job performance and satisfaction, or general conditions in the client's life, business, or profession.

As a perceptive listener, Felicity takes in both what’s being said and what’s not being said. She helps her clients state goals in a positive manner and asks pointed questions in order to help them discover what’s really important.  Felicity is also famously known for her annual Intention Party, where clients come together right before the New Year to reflect on accomplishments, review goals, and set new intentions. Additionally, Dr. Joy frequently shares divine wisdom with e-mail subscribers in two succinct blogs: Morning Meds and A Wise Woman 1nce Said. 

Because Felicity excels at coaching network marketers at the local level, a movement known as My Network Marketing Mashup was born in 2013.  The program doesn’t focus on team building or overcoming objections because people have heard that all before. Instead, clients learn how to customize the toolkits already given to them by their companies. Mashup University specializes in assisting network marketers with personal growth and provides team leaders retention through variety of activities.

Felicity’s performing arts background includes theatre, music, and dance. She first interned at the Illinois Theatre Center, paying her dues and developing experience. Within a few years, she became the theatre’s in-house director for African American plays and was casted as Ti Moune, the leading role in “Once on This Island,” a one-act musical about a peasant girl on a tropical island who uses the power of love to bring together people of different social classes. Felicity gained additional experience working with Chocolate Chips Theatre Company (Chicago) before transitioning to Workplace Productions where she’s been involved with industrial films, live training vignettes, and the facilitation of corporate trainings.  In previous years, Felicity also offered private acting lessons, park district classes and drama parties for children through Tiny Tots Theater & Confetti Kids Coaching. Currently, Dr. Joy volunteers locally; serving at Family Harvest Church as the Children’s Theater Director and as a praise dancer for Karitos Christian Arts Association.

As a “fashionista” in the spotlight over the years, doors began opening for yet another one of Felicity’s gifts: image consulting for women.  Because Felicity encounters so many women wanting makeovers or advice about their wardrobes, she started offering a VIP Day of Joy, Godmothering Services and the Savvy Savers Club for women needing expertise when shopping for clothing and accessories.

Speaking & praying about UNITY at the Dellwood Block Party in Lockport, IL (September 2016)

Speaking & praying about UNITY at the Dellwood Block Party in Lockport, IL (September 2016)

In recent months, Dr. Joy has felt called to do more speaking engagements and has worked tirelessly to promote the positive history of the civil rights movement. In a series of live videos broadcasted on social media last summer, Felicity was both praised and criticized for her transparent heart-felt videos that attempted to bring love back into the conversation. In 2016, she founded America’s Reconciliation, a movement designed to bring hope and healing to the racial climate in this country. In September, Dr. Joy delivered a powerful community message “Making Your Life Matter” to over 1,000 people at an outreach event in Lockport, IL.

Felicity received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University (B.S. English, 1994), a graduate degree from Kaplan University (M.S. Teaching, 2010), a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC) designation in 2013, and most recently, a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling (2016) from Dowell Institute Theological Seminary.  While at Princeton, Felicity was awarded the Frederick Douglass Service Award for her extensive on-campus race relations’ work. 


February 28, 2017

Being a Christian is an interesting experience because you are living a life that’s “not about you.” It’s not even necessarily a life for others, but your life is for and about God. Because of that, you get to do a bunch of stuff you don’t want to do...same as anyone else, but for you it’s part of a higher calling. Because of this, I particularly am thankful for the Biblical concept of gathering together to worship God. Many churches begin their service with music, but for me, they are far from the “warm up band,” they are the “main event.”

Why? This is the one time that’s not just “about” God, but it’s about me and God. The Lord “rejoices over us with singing” (Zephaniah 3:17) and invites us to “dance” in praise before Him (Psalm 150:4). Worship dance for me is about keeping my eyes firmly upon God and translating what I see and feel from Him in movement. How can you not forget all your worries and sorrows when you’re spending concentrated time focusing upon one who loves us so much?



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