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Jess Olivito oversees the Marketing and Fundraising functions of Peace by Piece Ministries. In 2013, she first founded the Sozo Group, a grass-roots, marketplace ministry partnering with Christian churches, community organizations and local businesses to unite Kingdom of God. Sozo covers Peace by Piece Ministries, helping them accomplish charitable giving objectives like any other 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

“The Lord is providing us with incredible opportunities to reach others. With just a touch of creativity, we’re able to meet (and minister to) many, many people. By simply loving on the women we encounter, we’re then able to share the truth about God’s redemptive love.

In unity, Jess works with community leaders and local ministries to improve the spiritual condition of our communities. But Jess wasn’t always a believer. When she first met Dee Everson and Jenny Spontak, she had recently started coming back to church. With their love, help, and discipleship [through the Peace by Piece Mosaic Study], Jess received immense healing from a divorce and difficult second marriage. She was severely depressed and lonely (even suicidal) trying to raise a little girl who she didn’t believe that she was good enough to mother.

Through the Peace by Piece Mosaic Bible Study, Jess found the journaling process to be incredible – allowing God to heal many areas of darkness in her life. She also learned how to spend daily time with God and how to be transformed by His grace. After the study, Jess was a completely changed person! The journaling and fellowship with other women helped her face her fears, anxieties, depression and even suicide.

The mosaic plate she made (along with her journals) are powerful reminders of what God has done in her life. As a result, she’s facilitated several Peace by Piece sessions reaching more women with the Gospel.

In 2018, Jess completed the Artist’s Way – a spiritual workshop aimed at freeing people’s creativity. Due to the immense healing that she gained from this book, that curriculum has also been added the ministry’s repertoire of worthy books on healing. In 2018, Jess was formally commissioned as a marketplace minister by Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries, Inc. and continues to attract creative women to our programs.

Jess lives in Lockport, IL with her charming husband Geno and beautiful daughter Morgan (18). She’s also a loving step-mom to Nick (27) and Giuliana (23) and the proud “cat-mom” of two furry boys: Ralph & Walter.