Lead a Mosaic Study!

Have a desire to help women embrace their brokenness? Want to partner with God in restoring others to wholeness? Would you like to point other women towards their Creator? Help other women experience more peace, joy and purpose in their lives.


The Nitty Gritty… How It All Works!

Facilitate Peace by Piece in your home, church or out in the marketplace (charming boutiques and consignment stores are also amazing locations!).

Purchase your ready-to-go Mosaic Study Kit to prepare you for the session. You’ll also have access to our video library of short training tutorials which teach the fundamental glass-cutting and safety skills needed to complete the project. Assist other women in discovering their own unique beauty…which is found within the intricate “pieces” of their lives. Aid others in recognizing the Divine purpose in every circumstance.

Who’s the Intended Audience?

Peace by Piece is a creative journey helping others to discover God working in all areas of their lives. It’s a Bible study that teaches you more about God’s character, helping you build trust in Him. Through journaling, participants begin to notice that God does His handy work with all the different pieces in your life, making something amazingly beautiful out of them!

This study gives ladies the opportunity to therapeutically de-stress as they spend time mosaicing their masterpiece – leaving their cares of everyday responsibilities behind – as they connect with a God who is actively creating their life story. The finished plate will have an incredible story behind it, reminding each woman of her journey over the past eight weeks – a treasured keepsake for them to enjoy and remember.

The Peace by Piece curriculum is a Biblical approach to soul healing, involving mosaics as a form of group art therapy. This study is an excellent fit for any woman who follows Jesus, regardless of her church background or religious affiliation. Peace by Piece is also an outreach evangelism tool – believers inviting non-believing friends who enjoy being creative – introducing them to a God who loves them and wants to be in relationship with them.

No Creativity Required!

You’ll be taught the basics through online training videos. You’ll also have online support of the Peace by Piece team for any questions you may have about the curriculum or the mosaic project. We’re here to make sure your experience leading Peace by Piece is enjoyable and rewarding.

Purchase a Kit

In the kit, you’ll receive a leader’s guide along with the essential tools and supplies required to lead a group through the program. The tools will allow you to freely pursue the art of mosaics and/or lead Peace by Piece classes as often as you want. Leader’s Kits are custom designed – based on your group’s size and specific needs.

Class Format

We suggest scheduling your class sessions for 2 hours. The first hour is an overview of the weekly lessons that were explored the previous week. The second hour is spent mosaicing their plates. Prayer requests can also be taken during this time, as there is open discussion while the ladies work on their plates. Fellowship is key.

It’s also helpful to have the glass and class supplies set-up and available 30 minutes before and after class so that participants have ample time to make up any missed classes, or if you have participants that just need more time.

The study was developed to be eight weeks long, but find that tacking on one more week as a mosaic make up session is very helpful if your schedule allows.

Room & Safety Requirements

You’ll need a table large enough for all the participants to work at and still have supplies on. We suggest an 8 foot round table – it can fit 6 people comfortably, but will accommodate up to 8 people (it’s just tighter!)

It’s also helpful to have a separate table (off to the side, spaced away from the other tables where women are working) for custom glass cutting. This is because glass tends to fly when using the nippers and it’s better to have all cutting in one, safety-controlled area of the room.

If you don’t have that much space, please be aware that everyone at the table will need to wear glasses or safety goggles while the group is in mosaic mode. Your glass cutting table doesn’t need to be very large, a card table will do. However, it should be covered with a white plastic table cover for easy cleanup.

We do not suggest having any food during the periods of mosaicing, unless it’s done in the first hour during the lesson and then put away during mosaic time. All drinks at the work tables will need to be covered. Food and glass do not mix well and prevent safety hazards!

What Comes in a Leader’s Kit?

You’ll need to know approximately how many people you expect for a class. Your stained glass kit should sufficiently cover enough for 4 people, and one set of tools can work effectively for up to eight.

Each participant purchases his/her own charger plate on her own. Why? Because everyone has their own taste… and there are just so many unique colors and styles to choose from! Each participant will also need one small bottle of Elmer’s School Glue. (do not buy Glue-All)

Each woman will also need their own Peace by Piece Study Workbook which can be ordered here. In-class exercises and at-home journaling assignments require each participant to have their OWN Workbook, so please order accordingly. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Our pricing is customized based on each ministry’s specific needs; our goal is to always help leaders choose the most cost-effective method possible for their groups. We offer both the study workbooks and the supplies (mosaic kits) needed to complete the mosaic component.

Some ministries choose to pay for all the resources entirely, while other organizations choose to pass on a “per-person cost” to their participants. Contact us to discuss what makes the most sense for your particular group.

Our pricing may include other factors (such as shipping or travel expenses for our team) depending on the level of involvement you’ll need from our ministry team. With the purchase of a Leader’s Kit, you’ll receive lifetime access to our online video training tutorials [provided to teach facilitators how to complete the mosaic component]. Our team is also available for online support. We’re able to check-in with leaders via teleconference, e-mail, or skype.

We also have a private Facebook group for additional support for leaders. We’re able to serve in-person (or virtually) depending on your location and budget.