Client Testimonials

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Dr. Felicity Joy, Speaker


Dee Everson, Artist

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Dave Ebert, ACTOR


Jacelya Jones, AuthoR

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Leanette Lopez, SONGWRITER

Michelle Smith, CONSULTANT


STEVEN KOKO, Evangelist


Marina Christos, Strategist

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"I want to thank Jessica Olivito for being part of our team in both word and deed. People often wish our ministry the best with their words, but she has risen up in her skill sets and is making Cities for Christ the best ministry it can be. She is such an amazing daughter of God."

- Pastor Steven Koko, International Evangelist, Cities for Christ.


"Jess is a big-picture thinker. She developed both the content and design for my website as well as my e-mail marketing campaign. She utilizes practical technology that organically promotes my art classes through social media. Jess also made valuable suggestions for Peace by Piece, a Women's Mosaic Bible study that I created, and is encouraging me to publish this body of work.  She takes to heart the true purposes of my business and is an integral part of helping me reach my full potential."

Dee Everson, Christian Artist & Mosaicist, Art Classes by Dee.

"Jess is a passionate, articulate writer focused on increasing your reach.  Hiring Jess allowed me to feel more at ease about my own business' communication needs.  She is an expert at crafting 'just-in-time' communications that always reflected my own voice and ideas.  I highly recommend working with Jess if you are seeking more time to focus on your own genius work."

Michelle Smith, Business & Marketing Strategy Consultant.  Z&B Consulting, Inc.


"Jess has a contagious passion for using talents, gifts, and skills to help those around her. The Sozo Group and it's ministry has been used by God to do some amazing things. The development of a professional banner for our Little Drummer Boy Talent Showcase really made our event page on Facebook stand out. Additionally, she has proven incredibly in-tune with how to make the most out of our social media impact. Knowledge and passion are incredibly important commodities, and Jess has them!" 

Dave Ebert, Actor & Comedian, Ha Ha Men Improv & Comedy Troupe Co-Founder


"I have known Jess for many years and I couldn't ask for a better friend or business partner to work with. She's smart, resourceful, receptive and enthusiastic when it comes to client projects. We consistently spend time masterminding together within our specific areas of expertise in order to give our clients the proper tools and maximum audience reach."

Marina Christos, Owner of Socialty, Inc. (Social Media & Online Presence Consulting)

"Jess Olivito is the sister you've always wanted, the business partner you can trust, and the mom that's always there. Like everyone she represents, we are all kingdom-minded. When we joined the Sozo Group with Jess in charge, we were delighted to see her heart for ministry and shared many of the same goals. We gladly recommend the trustworthy ministry of Jessica Olivito and the Sozo Group for representation, special events, mentoring, or serving on an advisory capacity. Rest assured, your level of ministry will increase!"

Leanette Lopez, Recording Artist, Author, & Speaker. Leanette Lopez Ministries.

"Jessica is competent, hard working and passionate for God's kingdom. Her marketing work is some of the most impressive I've seen...she is consistent (but not annoying) in keeping people informed about upcoming events. I recommend her to help you with your authentic presence!"

Dr. Felicity Joy, Speaker Community Activist, America's Reconciliation.

"Jessica helped me so much with my marketing needs for the Community Passover Seder event that I host annually. She's able to thrust any event forward due to her connections in the community and social media brilliance. She has made a huge difference for me this year, and even often encourages me, despite how busy she is. I'm so thankful that I've gotten to know and work with her."

Cecilia DiSomma, Evangelist, Christians United for Israel.

"Jess is passionate about her work and has the experience to back up her counsel. She's incredibly detail-oriented, interested in timeliness and knows how to effectively communicate with your target audience. 

Being coached as a writer can be a frustrating and dreadful process, but found that Jess' suggestions and processes did give me more clarity about my book series. 

We - as artists, creators, innovators, teachers, ministers, and business people - can only go so far alone. While working with Jess, God has revealed to me that we ALL have the necessary treasures inside of us; but most of us need someone skilled to help draw it out of us, like Proverbs 20:5 says. Someone like Jess Olivito."

Jacelya Jones, Urban Fantasy & Science Fiction Author, Blogger & Mom.