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Intercession & Prayer – Pray individually and corporately for our charter and upcoming outreach events. Recruit and schedule intercessors. Chairperson: Amy Erickson

Education & Training – Deliver training opportunities to our ministry team by co-laboring with the Holy Spirit to invade and establish God’s kingdom in our own communities. Work with others to identify and activate the gifts/callings that God has given each of us to fulfill both personal and missional team tasks. Work with community leaders and partner churches to manage and maintain the integrity of our assignments. Overcome resistances and spiritual warfare.  Chairperson: Mike Abron

Finance – Manage income and expenses for the ministry. Compare actuals to budgeted expenses. Maintain strong financial records for outreaches and programs. Provide financial reports to leadership. Maintain nonprofit records in accordance with GAAP. Chairperson: Lisa Ring

Communications – Initiate, manage and maintain regular communications with project leaders, volunteers and supporters through e-mail, social media and cloud-based documents. Notify members of upcoming meetings, disseminate minutes from previous meetings and keep people informed of pertinent information related to our mission Develop e-blasts for Sozo Group subscribers to keep them apprised of event details. Chairperson: Jenny Spontak

Youth Activities – Determine what activities are popular among targeted age groups. Solicit groups to run activities that are fun for youth.  Network with community to develop avenues for youth to volunteer; liaison with Local Missions committee. Chairperson: CeCe DiSomma

Food & VendorsDetermine food and vendor needs. Locate local vendors and firm up agreements with them for outreaches. Communicate what they will offer to planning committee and marketing committee. Chairperson: Geno Olivito

Fundraising – Formulate creative ideas to help us achieve our fundraising goals. Follow up with prospects to obtain both pledges and payments. Follow up with donors giving progress updates. Build relationships with new donors and strengthen existing ones. Chairperson: Jess Olivito

Marketing & Advertising – Determine branding. Develop content for website, social media, television/radio and in print. Locate promotional items outreaches. 
Chairperson: Felicity Joy

Public Relations & Advocacy – Work in a team to determine the best ways to attract people to our programs and events. Write and send out press releases about our outreaches to media outlets (newspaper, radio and television). Be available for interviews with media and be willing to share our mission with all walks of life in the community. Choose to be liaison with the chamber of commerce, city government and park district, local businesses and vendors, community groups, other churches. 
Chairperson: Jess Olivito

Local Missions – Liaison with local charities that we support to learn about and communicate what the needs are as well as find available resources. 
Chairperson: Pastor Phil Sheets

Volunteer Coordination – Recruit, locate and keep track of volunteers for outreaches. Communicate with them before event and provide them necessary resources/information. Manage volunteer registration center at events, coordinate t-shirt sizes and name-tags/lanyards. Chairperson: Jenny Spontak

Pastoral Leadership – You need to pastor a local church to be on this committee. This commitment does NOT require attendance at our outreaches, but is encouraged. These pastors agree to make themselves available for counsel our leadership team. Pastoral expertise and leadership helps everyone navigate God’s Word and direction. 
Chairpersons: Pastor Mike Abron, Pastor Ed Loughran

Local History - To identify local history in order to determine Lockport's identity - both spiritual and natural. Chairperson: Amy Erickson