Our Vision for #CommUNITY

We provide a community where CREATIVES CONNECT for fellowship and healing. Our ministry works primarily with women - organizing and mentoring CREATIVE CLUSTERS that share life together... and a passion for making art!

Most of our programming happens on a WEEKLY BASIS (Monday or Thursday nights) with stand-alone creativity events “mixed in” each month to grow our clusters. Programming offered: Peace by Piece Mosaic Bible Study, Artist’s Way Self-Discovery Workshop, Sozo Creativity Workshop and Coffee & Creativity Art Events.

We aim to create an awareness of God’s presence, involvement and concern in every piece of a woman’s life through the art of mosaics. Through the arts, our ministry teaches women how to trust God with every little piece of their lives… so that they’re able to lead more peace-filled lives.

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What Does Sozo Mean?

The Greek word "sozo" was used over a hundred times in the New Testament and truly is an all-encompassing word often rendered to mean “save” or “saved.” But a closer look at the Bible shows us that salvation includes much more than just the forgiveness of sins. Bible scholars teach us that this tiny word, "sozo", means a whole bunch of awesome things. We learn that it means forgiveness, healing, and total deliverance through Christ’s saving power. In other words, sozo means being made whole through Jesus and the ability to receive abundantly from Him right now. Therefore, "sozo" truly is the meaning of life.

What Does Sozo Mean?  Written by Jess Olivito

What Does Sozo Mean?
Written by Jess Olivito

"Sozo" refers to the healing of our bodies, the protection of our minds, the deliverance of the souls, as well as financial prosperity. Many in the modern church have interpreted salvation only to be forgiveness of sins, but that’s a misrepresentation of what the Lord did. Forgiveness of our sins is certainly the centerpiece and we do not minimize this point. However, at the same time Christ died to purchase our redemption from sin, He also freed us from sickness, disease, depression, and poverty.

Jesus became poor so that we through His poverty might be made rich—abundantly supplied. Through Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection, God has provided everything we need in this life now AND in the life to come—forgiveness of sins, healing, deliverance, and prosperity. Isn’t God good!?

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