Creative Mosaic Events

We have three primary relationships. The first (and most important) is our relationship with God. The second is our relationship with ourselves, and the third (which flows from the first two) is our relationship with others.

You’ll witness your faith strengthening and your trust in God deepening. You’ll start seeing how the “pieces” of your life actually fit together quite nicely and intentionally! We teach you how to maintain a sense of peace in your life.


Mosaic Cross Blue.png


Half-Day Workshop

Gather your group for a spiritual workshop that’s filled with creativity and meaning. You’ll be creating a unique symbol of faith – a 10 inch x 6 inch mosaic cross with stained glass. Jenny Spontak, our gifted teacher, will share some great teaching on the subject of Peace! The cost is $30/person which includes all supplies. 4-hour activity. You choose the location.

2 Day Retreat

Arrange a 2-day retreat where each woman creates a unique 10 inch x 6 inch stained glass mosaic cross. Jenny Spontak, our gifted teacher, delivers life-changing teaching on the subject of Peace. It’s a great time of fellowship while creating the cross. The cost is approximately $40+/person (depending on group size) which includes all supplies and teaching materials. Typically, our retreats begin on Friday night and run through the whole day on Saturday.


8 Week Bible Study

Discover God’s intentional and beautiful design for your life! You’ll create your own keepsake mosaic charger plate for this class and see how God uses all the broken pieces of your life to create His masterpiece – you! There’s 4-5 short lessons each week that will aid you in journaling.

Through the journaling exercises, you’ll find yourself falling into deeper relationship with God. You will experience a greater sense of purpose, have more confidence in daily situations and will also enjoy a greater sense of peace in your life.

As you study the Bible and draw nearer to God, you’ll be encouraged to journal at least a few times a week about your life experiences. Then, you’ll privately review/analyze your entries utilizing the Color Key. Your plate will grow increasingly colorful (and beautiful) each week as you complete this workbook and creatively fellowship with other women in your class. And that pretty mosaic plate you artistically created? It’ll serve as a beautiful reminder of your journey in this season.